Intentional Leadership

Unleash the power of your leadership

How do you help your leaders access the untapped reservoir of talent within them?

Talk with any successful athlete and they’ll tell you that skill is only a part of the game. Exceptional performance, on the field or in the board room, is inextricably linked to how well we manage our internal habits of perception, self-talk, and reaction.

Intentional Leadership helps your leaders free up their capacity to bring more innovation, employee engagement, and winning performance to your organization, by removing the internal static that gets in the way.

How does Intentional Leadership work?


The Intentional Leadership process begins with a powerful 360 degree feedback process that helps leaders gain a clear understanding of how their own unique Internal Operating System works. They will also discover the impact of their internal point of view on their performance, their working relationships, and the organization itself. Through the identification of root causes instead of symptoms, leaders can make changes that last.

Executive Coaching

Every program includes regular individual coaching sessions to assist leaders in gaining clear and actionable insights into the internal drivers and behaviors that lead to their own optimal performance.

Classroom Learning

Classes are available for groups of your leaders at your site or ours. All classes are offered in multiple segments to ensure that this in-depth and transformational learning is sustainable.

Applied Learning

Insights are only useful when they are applied. Using a variety of Intentional Leadership tools and practices, leaders are given assignments to apply what they have learned back on the job where it can have immediate and measurable impact on your organization.


All leaders are re-assessed after 12 months to ensure that they have made an observable leap in performance.

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"Peggy is very much in tune with leadership in the real world and what is most effective for today's generation of leaders.  Rather than being a slave to the "one size fits all" cliches of 20-30 years ago, Peggy is very adept at helping individuals tap and refine the leadership style that works best for them. I was very pleased with the results and insights gained working with Peggy.  I've been able to apply them successfully in my career as well as my life outside work.  I would highly recommend her to companies looking to optimize the performance of their executive teams or to executives looking to take their 'game' to the next level."

Andy Grolnick
President & CEO
LogRhythm, Inc.